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For many patients, the prospect of visiting the dentist causes anxiety and emotional discomfort. Byron Carr, DMD FAGD provides patients of all ages with safe dental sedation in Temecula, allowing them to view visits to the dentist as relaxing and comfortable experiences.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide allows patients with dental anxieties to relax during their dental appointments. Nitrous oxide is a gas that relaxes patients through continuous inhalation. One of the primary benefits of this form of sedation is that it wears off quickly, allowing patients to return to work or home without needing a chaperone.

Laughing gas concentration can be adjusted according to patients’ needs, making this ideal for younger patients who do not require a high concentration of sedative. Our laughing gas used on our office for sedation is also scented to increase patient relaxation during their visit.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For patients too anxious to arrive at our office, or those who are in need of longer lasting sedative effects, Dr. Carr also provides oral conscious sedation. This type of sedative comes in the form of a pill, taken prior to your appointment with our dentist.

Referred to as twilight sedation, this medication leaves patients awake, though not fully conscious of their treatment. This medication helps patients to fully relax before, during, and after their visit, and has amnesiac effects, allowing you to forget the details of your treatment. 

Qualified patients are asked to have an adult with a driver’s license accompany them to their appointment to ensure a safe drive home.

General Anesthesia

Our deepest form of sedation, general anesthesia is administered by a licensed anesthesiologist, allowing patients to be completely unconscious during their appointment.

This option allows us to offer more extensive treatment in-office, such as dental implant placement. Our Temecula dental practice has had great success providing patients with pain free dentistry and full mouth restorations using general anesthesia. As with oral conscious sedation, the effects of general anesthesia linger.

Accompaniment is required after your appointment.

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