Periodontal Cleanings in Temecula, CA

Gum disease affects many adults throughout the US, and can lead to significant systemic health issues if left unaddressed. At the practice of Dr. Byron Carr, we provide periodontal deep cleanings in Temecula and for patients from neighboring communities.

If you are suffering from early or advanced periodontal disease, contact our office today for an exam and cleaning to restore optimal dental health.

When are Deep Cleanings Necessary?

While the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, is treatable through improved brushing and flossing habits, advanced gum disease requires a professional cleaning. If plaque continues to build on the teeth, it will eventually mineralize, becoming tartar or calculus. When this occurs, brushing and flossing no longer effectively clean or polish the surface of teeth. Additional complications include gum recession from the roots of the teeth, creating pockets in the soft tissue.

At this stage, gum disease becomes known as periodontitis, and can create lasting or permanent damage to the teeth, bone, and soft tissues. When allowed to progress in this way, systemic health issues such as heart disease and lung infections can be exacerbated.

Traditional Periodontal Cleanings

With our periodontal cleaning services at our Temecula dental office, we are able to remove calculus from the surface of the teeth using precise dental instruments. Dr. Carr provides patients with local anesthesia to enhance comfort and removes the calcified bacteria from the crowns and roots of the affected teeth.  

Soft Tissue Management 

After providing initial deep cleanings, we schedule patients for a number of follow-up appointments. These appointments are much like routine cleanings and exams, though they occur more frequently throughout the year to ensure infection does not reoccur. If patients are having difficulty controlling soft tissue infection after their initial cleanings, Dr. Carr may use antibiotics to clear up the remaining bacteria and aid the healing process. 

Post-Treatment Procedures

The formation of pockets in the gums causes increased risk for re-infection. In an effort to alleviate this chance for bacterial buildup beneath the pocket, we provide pocket reduction treatment.

This procedure reduces the size of gingival pockets, and can be followed by gum grafts as needed. Gum grafts not only help patients achieve better dental health, but restore the appearance of an attractive smile as well.

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