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Straighter smiles are more than simply aesthetically pleasing, and can make every-day oral hygiene routines easier, enhancing your long term health. At the dental practice of Byron L. Carr, DDS, we offer orthodontic treatments in Temecula through traditional braces, Six Month Smiles®, and Invisalign® clear aligner trays.

Braces for Adults and Children

If you need of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, our Temecula dentist provides traditional braces for adults and children. Traditional braces correct the greatest amount of alignment and occlusal issues and are ideal for patients in need of complex correction. This treatment is also ideal for younger patients who have yet to reach full jaw development, allowing us to correct their bite alignment as they grow. Early orthodontic treatment can also include the use of palate expanders, space maintainers, and other appliances as necessary.

Our practice offers a variety of colors for the bands used to secure arch wires, allowing patients to customize the look of their braces. Patients can match their braces to their favorite color, or else can choose silver or white to minimize the aesthetic effect braces have on their smiles.

For older patients who are looking for minimal changes to their smiles, Dr. Carr provides ceramic brackets. These tooth-colored braces allow for orthodontic correction with minimal impact on the natural appeal of their smile.

Traditional Braces

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Temecula

Invisalign clear braces system is an alternative to traditional braces ideal for patients looking to discretely correct mild to moderate alignment and occlusal issues. These clear aligner trays are made using a digital mold of your smile, ensuring a comfortable fit, and allowing us to predict the length of your treatment. Our clear braces treatment usually lasts from 12 to 16 months, with patients changing their trays every two weeks.

This treatment also allows patients to maintain their regular diets and oral hygiene routines, as the trays can be removed when eating and brushing.


Six Month Smiles®

Dr. Carr also offers Six Month Smiles® for interested in treatment to exclusively correct aesthetic alignment issues. This treatment is placed on the front teeth of the smile to correct mild crowding, spacing, and rotation issues within the span of six to eight months.

For increased aesthetic appeal, our team has seen highly promising results in patients combining this treatment with topical teeth whitening.

Six Month Braces Options

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To schedule your consultation for braces, or to see whether you qualify for Invisalign aligners or Six Month Smiles®, contact Dr. Byron Carr today. We provide orthodontic treatment for patients throughout Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, and the neighboring wine country communities.